• Operational manual

      Creating and finishing the initial document for each franchise system.

      The preparation of an operational manual. This document will contain detailed information about how to manage the business and should be provided to the franchisees, who must carefully stick to it. In order to prepare an accurate and detailed operational manual, an expert with experience in various business areas is going to work closely and intensively with appointed personnel of the franchisor and is going to describe in detail all the procedures, practices , policies , documents and processes. This is the sacred text for the franchisee. It contains a set of policies, procedures and instructions that make it possible to manage the business effectively and profitably. Some of the areas covered in the operative manual are:

      • Administrative requirements;

      • Accounting procedures;

      • Marketing;

      • Human resources;

      • Pricing policy;

      • Sales procedures.

      Preparation of proposals in order to improve business processes, accountability, horizontal and vertical links in the company.

      Compilation of an ethical code for the franchising system.

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