• Pan.tastik

      Fast food restaurant - world of pancakes

      Initial fee: 50 000 or 60 000 BGN, depending on the type of institution.
      Monthly fee: 5% of turnover.
      National Marketing Fund: 2% of monthly turnover.
      Additional costs: If you need to repair the restaurant.
      Contract duration: 5 years.
      Period of return on investment: 12-18 months
      Business: Fast food


      Pan.tastic company began its operations in 2008 under the name Ratatui. Starting with simple shop concept developed and improved in more than 5 years in July 2012 launched the development and shop in shop concept. Menu with more than 60 types of pancakes cooked in original recipe using top-quality products. having thought about healthy eating and diet -abiding people diet and diabetics.

      Decision to develop the franchise is taken in early 2013 and immediately began preparing the documentation for the full franchise operations and development. Brand Pan.tastic was filed for registration and will be released in September .

      Initial payment covers the complete equipment of fast food restaurants , including branded clothing of workers and employees in its promotional materials . The additional funds are just finishing the room. The price of the franchise includes all initial training - for the franchisor and employed personnel .

      The franchisor allows to operate more than one fast food restaurant .

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