• The company

      Who we are and what can we offer you?

      We from ‘FED Bulgaria’ are a team of experienced consultants - experts in the sphere of franchising. We have the needed skills, professional knowledge and contacts to assist on Bulgarian entrepreneurs to fulfill their business ambitions. With our guidance you will be able to achieve future success in the franchise industry!


      Our clients are:

      1. Successful business owners who are looking for a business transition into more profitable franchise chain of business units;

      2. Owners of existing franchise companies who are looking for a way to optimize various aspects of their businesses or a whole new direction for development;

      3. Private entrepreneurs and investors who are considering the opportunity of buying a franchise.


      The Partners

      We work with well known Bulgarian and foreign partners, national and international franchise associations and non-profit organizations.


      Our vision

      We look at the economic crisis not as an obstacle but an opportunity. Unique concepts are born in difficult times, when there is a lack of financial resources, low consumption and highly competitive market. Difficult economic circumstances are a test for the stability of any business idea and an accelerator for intelligent business decisions. We understand the excellent capabilities of the franchise and its power to be a safe alternative to any other business in such hard times. For that reason, one of our goals is to create innovative franchise projects with stable long term vision for growth and potential for international development. We want to support those Bulgarian entrepreneurs who have the courage, ambition and the will to make the next crucial step towards their business’s development - the creation of a franchise chain.


       We will spare no efforts, time and energy working for your cause. We comprehend the value of your success and we will do everything within our powers to achieve it.

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