• Training

      Preparation and implementation of training program for franchise partners and their employees.

      Preparing a complete system of education and training, which are required for proper functioning /initial introduction of franchisees and their employees in every aspect of the particular franchise model, continuous training on all levels of employees, maintaining the accurate level of synergy and motivation in each partner from the network/.

      Training for the personnel in the companies of franchisees - daily operational activities, skills and techniques for selling, practical training, ways of dealing with objections, complaints, litigations and others.

      Training for franchisees - accounting and financial management of small businesses, development of management and leadership skills, time management, techniques to recruit, control and retain staff.

      Training of traders in selling a franchise according to the prepared presale algorithm - overall planning, development and management of efficient database, techniques to start contact and carry out phone conversations, structure, content and method of elucidating the presentations, cope with  remonstrance and techniques to conclude talks.

      Preparation of the internal virtual network platform for trainings and tuition.

      Instructions and recommendations for more effective use of the information data.

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