• Valuation of the business

      Complete monitoring of the business to appraise its adaptability for franchising. Characteristics of a franchise.

      1. Internal audit of the company’ assets and its ability to become franchise. Every franchise must fulfill some requirements. Certainly the most important of them is the business to be at the stage of maturity. Only after that it has the full capability for the realization of win-win concept, which is the essence of every franchise. It is not a lifeline for businesses in difficult positions but a way for further expansion of a developing business system.


      2. Determination of the franchise concept’ boundaries. The purpose it to establish the recommended amounts of fees and territorial characteristics /estimate the optimal number of business units (franchisees) for the market/ according to acknowledged international methodology. The main points, which are subject to optimization, are:

      - Duration of the contract;

      - Entry fee;

      - Monthly (royalty) fee;

      - Charge to the National Marketing Fund;

      - Revenue from additional activities.


      3. Preparation of a final report with established data, forecast financial results for the franchisor, forecast budgeting for the franchisees, territorial characteristics of franchising /principles of zoning or so called ‘farming’/and a list of required documents for launching a franchise business.


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